Membership in NCL, Inc. Willow Rose Chapter

We are always looking for new members in our chapter. Our membership drive begins in the fall of the 6th grade year for the daughter(s) of a prospective member. A prospective Patroness (new member) must have one sponsor and one co-sponsor who are members of the NCL, Inc., Willow Rose Chapter. The sponsor will let the chapter know about your interest in membership. The prospective Patroness attend a meeting where requirements and expectations are discussed as well as specific information about our chapter and the next steps in the membership process. After the meeting, the prospective Patroness will discuss with her sponsor and co-sponsor whether or not she would like to proceed with membership. A formal application will need to be completed by the sponsor, co-sponsor and prospective Patroness. Once all applications are complete, a selection process will take place. We would like to accept all applicants; unfortunately, membership is limited, and not all who apply are guaranteed a place in the Chapter. For more information on membership in the Willow Rose Chapter, please contact the Vice President of Membership Send Mail